MPXX™: The solution for allergies in healthcare

For medical workers who regularly have to wear gloves for certain tasks allergies to natural and synthetic rubber latex are much more than a nuisance:

They are a constant health risk and can even cause frequent absence rates or force a career change. Using antiallergenic latex products thus ultimately is a matter of occupational safety. MPXX now offers a solution.

“The MPXX™ treatment process purifies latex products. It removes allergenic proteins, allergens and chemical production residues from natural and synthetic latex products such as gloves. The allergenic substances are reduced to unquantifiable and undetectable levels”, explains Didier Genoud, CEO of MPXX. The company holds several patents for processes that purify products from allergens and chemical residues.

There are two kinds of allergies that users of latex products have to deal with: Type I allergies are caused by natural rubber latex allergens. They cause immediate reactions like hives, hay fever and even severe anaphylaxis. On the other hand, there are type IV allergies. They are caused by residues of chemicals that are used in the production of both natural and synthetic rubber latex products. Symptoms are for example red, itchy skin, a scaly rash or dermatitis. The MPXX™ technology is used on the finished product to remove the allergens before packaging and shipping.

MPXX’s dedication to solve the substantial allergy problem for healthcare workers worldwide is also reflected by the name change the company is currently undergoing. MPXX has previously been known as BUDEV – the name it has originally been founded with in 1995: “MPXX™ is actually the name of the technology. We also use it for all the treated products. At the beginning of the year we decided to rename BUDEV and completely rebrand it as MPXX. Now, MPXX sends a strong and clear message to end-costumers and the market as it stands for the company, the technology and the products alike”, Genoud elaborates.

With the new name, MPXX is going to present four new products at MEDICA 2015: Three kinds of gloves from synthetic rubber latex (examination gloves, surgical gloves and cleanroom gloves) as well as cleanroom gloves made from natural rubber latex – all of the four are treated with the MPXX™ technology. MPXX will furthermore not limit itself to the production of treated gloves: besides antiallergenic condoms and catheters, the company plans to launch products for more than 10 potential applications at a later date.

And the future holds more for MPXX, as Genoud states: “We decided to build our own factory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of the raw materials for latex come from there and there is also a lot of know-how. We already have two partners over there that use MPXX™ in their production. With our own factory, we will be able to perform the whole process – treatment with MPXX™, packaging and shipping.”

Even with the new site in Malaysia, opening up new partnerships is still important for MPXX since the company will make its technology available to others, too. Companies interested in the MPXX™ technology will be able to use the OEM channel: the MPXX™ treatment will be available as a service for other companies, meaning MPXX will treat finished gloves. In this case, the logo “MPXX™ treated” needs to be displayed on the packaging.

If you want to learn more about MPXX, visit the company at MEDICA 2015 in Hall 5, booth 5G10 or at