Erasmus MC Rotterdam extensively tests 10 brands and concludes.

Rotterdam, October 2014 – Surgical gloves, which are sterile products, are available in a variety of materials, colors and specifications and are produced under more than 60 different brand names. There are only a couple of manufacturers worldwide producing these type of gloves and they are different from examination gloves, as they should provide utmost precision and increased sensitivity, two crucial aspects in the operating room.A team of highly skilled professionals of the Erasmus MC Skillslab in Rotterdam tested under the guidance of MD Ruth Kaufmann, 10 different brands of surgical gloves: 5 were manufactured from synthetic material and 5 from natural rubber latex (NRL). All brands are well known and used in the operating theatre on a daily basis.

The aim of the experiments was to test the performance of the gloves concerning their comfort, donning, grip and packaging (not for their specification sheet, the absence of allergens, chemical residues and/or cytotoxicity). The participants were requested to give their opinion on 10 different specifications in particular that cannot be overlooked: donning, fit, comfort, tactility and dexterity, grip, smell, information packaging, opening packaging, size indications and picking the glove from the inner wrapping.

The results of the tests indicated among others that:
1. Budexx- MPXX™ surgical gloves reach the highest score in 6 out of 10 specs:
– Comfort
– Tactility & Dexterity
– Donning
– Grip
– Smell
– Size Indications
2. Concerning comfort NRL gloves score higher than synthetic gloves.
3. More than 50% of the users consider the smell of synthetic alternatives unpleasant.

MPXX™ technology is a unique treatment process for natural rubber latex and synthetic products, reducing allergens to unquantifiable levels and chemical residues to undetectable levels. At the same time it offers superior comfort and enables natural fit, perfect donning, optimal dexterity and excellent tactility.
Test results are available upon request.

Please note that the tests were executed on request of Budev BV. For more information please contact Budev BV at info@budev.com.