Maximum Protection, Ultimate Prevention with the unique purifying MPXX™ technology.


Working tirelessly to deliver safe and supreme quality products we are proud to launch our new product line of MPXX™ treated synthetic rubber gloves. We now apply our unique purifying technology to high-grade polyisoprene surgical gloves allowing you to work with the cleanest gloves on the market. Our innovative technology cuts the chemical residues to undetectable levels, including the carcinogenic migratable N-Nitrosamines.


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Protection, Prevention, Perfect fit and feel

  • Maximum protection against allergy type IV and skin reactions with our MPXX™ technology
  • Fully anatomical, hand – specific, beaded cuff
  • Unparalleled comfort & fit
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity and ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue and increase efficiency
  • Excellent barrier protection
  • Low hydration, enhanced biocompatibility
  • Lowest cytotoxity levels in the industry
  • Balanced skin moisture

Safety and comfort. No compromise.

Our teams of experts apply the MPXX™ technology to superior quality synthetic polyisoprene thereby delivering an ergonomically designed, clean glove with a smooth inner surface for perfect donning. The micro-textured working surface offers enhanced grip and feel. MPXX gloves’ unparalleled comfort, fit and tactile sensitivity reduces hand fatigue and increases efficiency during long operating procedures. Suitable for double gloving.

Maximum protection, ultimate prevention.

With a molecular structure similar to latex, MPXX™ treated synthetic polyisoprene gloves combine all the preferred natural rubber properties without the risk of type I Allergy (Latex Allergy). Furthermore, our unique purifying technology also provides protection against allergy type IV, attributed to chemical residues present in every glove.

Synthectic rubber and allergy type IV.

Accelerators and others chemicals used to manufacture both natural and synthetic rubber gloves are responsible for the dramatic increase of irritant and allergic contact dermatitis (allergy type IV) among health professionals. Although allergy type IV is not as severe as allergy type I, it can be chronic and difficult to cure causing frequent absenteeism and a potential career change if it hinders the individuals from performing their tasks.

A brief history and origins of MPXX

Our passion & expertise date back to 1995, when the founder of the Dutch R & D company BUDEV, strongly aware of the importance of the growing latex allergy & occupational safety issues, initiated the research & development of MPXX™. In co-operation with scientific partner-organizations such as the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam & the Malaysian Rubber Board, Budev BV developed and patented different technologies, including MPXX™.

The objective was to implement MPXX™ technology worldwide with selected dynamic partners who had an excellent track-record in quality & efficiency within the medical and industrial sector & opted to apply the MPXX™ technology first on medical gloves. In 2015 we changed our name to MPXX, matching it with our technology which represents the core of our business and key to our success.