Maximum Protection, Ultimate Prevention with the unique purifying MPXX™ technology.


Our unique technology cuts allergenic proteins, allergens and chemical residues to unquantifiable and undetectable levels, therefore radically diminishing the risk of type I and IV allergies. Our patented MPXX™ – which stands for maximum protection – technology makes our product the cleanest on the market.


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Protection, Prevention, Perfect fit and feel

  • Optimal protection against

    skin reactions through:
    – unquantifi able levels of allergens
    – undetectable chemical residues

  • Unparalleled comfort & fit
  • Superior dexterity & tactility
  • High barrier protection
  • Extra durable
  • Enhanced biocompatibility
  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Lowest cytotoxity levels in the industry
  • Extremely low endotoxin units

Product Specification

TypePowder free examination glove, PPE Class 3, non-sterile, duallabeled
MaterialNatural rubber latex treated with MPXX ™
DesignAmbidextrous, beaded cuff, textured working surface for optimized grip and feel, perfect donning.
TreatmentPatented MPXX™ technology, eliminating allergenic proteins, allergens and chemical residues which can cause allergic reaction type I and IV to unquantifiable and undetectable levels.
Allergen-LevelsFITkit results:
Hev b1: unquantifiable
Hev b3: unquantifiable
Hev b5: unquantifiable
Hev b6.02: unquantifiable
CytotoxicityNone to Slight(grade 0-1)
Protein LevelUndetectable (Modified Lowry,RAST and HPLC)
Chemical ResiduesUndetectable

Safety and comfort. No compromise.

Our teams of experts apply the patented MPXX™ technology to high-grade NRL gloves allowing you to work with the unique comfort, resistance and elasticity of latex while the risk of allergens. MPXX™ eliminates toxic chemicals including the carcinogenic migratable N-nitrosamines.

Committed to quality

Tests conducted in international accredited laboratories demonstrate that MPXX™ products boast unquantifiable levels of allergens, undetectable levels of chemical residues and the lowest cytotoxicity levels in the industry (Grade 0 -1).


Natural rubber latex is a raw material harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. Our environmentally friendly MPXX™ gloves are not only biodegradable, but also non-toxic. Moreover, our MPXX™ gloves offer enhanced biocompatibility thanks to undetectable chemical residues.

A brief history and origins of MPXX

Our passion & expertise date back to 1995, when the founder of the Dutch R & D company BUDEV, strongly aware of the importance of the growing latex allergy & occupational safety issues, initiated the research & development of MPXX™. In co-operation with scientific partner-organizations such as the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam & the Malaysian Rubber Board, Budev BV developed and patented different technologies, including MPXX™.

The objective was to implement MPXX™ technology worldwide with selected dynamic partners who had an excellent track-record in quality & efficiency within the medical and industrial sector & opted to apply the MPXX™ technology first on medical gloves. In 2015 we changed our name to MPXX, matching it with our technology which represents the core of our business and key to our success.